Software from the RPG category / 142

Daimonin icon
Michael Toennies
Daimonin rating
FREE isometric real-time massive multiplayer online RPG.
Arcadia: Guild of Heroes icon
Grey Dog Software
Arcadia: Guild of Heroes rating
180 KB
CircumReality icon
Mike Rozak
CircumReality rating
A multiplayer online game in which you explore imaginative player-created worlds.
186.87 MB
Force Mu Online icon
Force Mu Online
Force Mu Online rating
It is a private server that enables you to play the MMORPG MU game.
180 KB
Starsector icon
Starsector rating
92.94 MB
Tales of Maj'Eyal icon
Netcore Games
Tales of Maj'Eyal rating
Explore random dungeons, face challenging battles and develop characters.
431.77 MB
Manamon icon
Manamon rating
Capture various feral monsters and use them to help you complete the storyline.
298.82 MB
Dins Curse Demo icon
Soldak Entertainment, Inc.
Dins Curse Demo rating
180 KB
Precipice of Darkness, Episode One icon
Hothead Games
Precipice of Darkness, Episode One rating
It is an RPG game with a dynamic turn-based combat system.
180 KB
Knights of the Chalice icon
Knights of the Chalice rating
6.63 MB
Vendetta Online icon
Guild Software, Inc.
Vendetta Online rating
3D space combat MMORPG for Windows.
224.15 MB
Magical Diary icon
Hanako Games
Magical Diary rating
Magical Diary, you have been invited to attend a magical school.
38.76 MB
The Mana World icon
The Mana World Dev Team
The Mana World rating
It's a serious effort to create an innovative free and open source MMORPG.
6.53 MB
Mortal Online icon
Star Vault
Mortal Online rating
It is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay.
148.64 MB
Space Siege Demo icon
Gas Powered Games
Space Siege Demo rating
Space Siege is a very classical action role-playing game.
Legend of Grimrock icon
Almost Human Ltd.
Legend of Grimrock rating
Dungeon crawling role playing game.
Three Musketeers icon
Three Musketeers rating
Join D'Artagnan in his quest and become a true Musketeer.
180 KB
MMOGer icon
MMOGer rating
A simple automation utility specifically tailored for RPG, MMOG and MMORPG games.
1.16 MB
The Fall of Gods icon
Geex Games
The Fall of Gods rating
Classic action that mixes adventure, combat, humor.
136.87 MB
DM Genie icon
Mad Scientist Studios
DM Genie rating
Computer program for players and game masters.
7.99 MB
Metin 2 icon
Ymir Entertainment
Metin 2 rating
180 KB
FastCrawl icon
Manifesto Games
FastCrawl rating
A quick-playing dungeon crawler, perfect way to kill your lunch hour.
53.81 MB